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Clyde Stubblefield All Stars is a Clyde Stubblefield tribute band based out of Madison, Wisconsin and led by musical director and Grammy nominated drummer Joey B. Banks. The band plays a monthly "Funky Friday" happy hour show at Madison's High Noon Saloon and features an All Star Band of local, regional and nationally known musicians. The band performs all of Clyde Stubblefield's hits with James Brown, and songs from "The Original" and "Revenge of the Funky Drummer" albums.  The band also performs some of Clyde's favorite Funky Monday jams. The band will be performing tribute shows all over the Midwest region and will be working to keep Clyde's musical legacy alive for years to come.

THE scholarship

A scholarship has been created to keep his legacy alive through a music scholarship.  In 2017 Madison Area Music Association merged with the Coalition for Recognition of Clyde Stubblefield to establish the MAMA Clyde Stubblefield Scholarship Fund.  The scholarship will be awarded each year to a Madison area youth that will be going on to study music in college.  The scholarship will ensure Clyde’s legacy will live on for many years to come.   The Clyde Stubblefield All Stars perform at the “Funky Monday” Happy Hour shows at the High Noon Saloon in Madison as a monthly fundraiser for the MAMA Clyde Stubblefield Scholarship Fund.

You can donate to the fund Monthly tribute, or you you can donate directly to scholarship by clicking on the button below:

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